BN Business Solutions offers a payroll administration solution that provides corporate level risk mitigation principles and procedures while maintaining small business flexibility and efficiency at a wholesale price. Our Payroll Administration service offering is stable, cost-effective, professional, efficient, reliable and easy to use, regardless of the size of the business. At BN Business Solutions we cater for the unique needs of your business and its legislative requirements, hence, giving you the much need rock-solid support for sustainable business growth. We offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house payroll processing.

BN Business Solutions has a payroll solution for any business, no matter the location, or how complex or simple the salaried payroll needs may be. We eliminate the tedium and time pressure involved in payroll administration and, at the same time, ensuring that employees are paid timeously and accurately in accordance with corporate and SARS legislation requirements.

Our service offering in a nutshell

  • Processing of wages and salaries payrolls
  • Processing of confidential or electronic payslips
  • Electronic payment of statutory payments: UIF, PAYE and SDL
  • Dedicated payroll processing and validations
  • Produce sealed or electronic payslips
  • Management and standard payroll reports
  • Statutory payments: PAYE, UIF and SDL via SARS E-Filing
  • Keep and updating records of leave and leave provisions
  • Electronic payment of salaries
  • IRP5 and IT3A documents
  • SARS EMP 201 via E-Filing
  • Updates from SARS and Department of Labour
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Electronic payment of salaries

BN Business Solutions is your outsourcing partner of choice. Our service offering is a par with excellence, and we provide multinationals as well as SMEs with a comprehensive payroll administration solution. We do not sell you a payroll management system that will require you to administer, our service allows you to focus your attention of the core business activities. We offer you a complete managed payroll solution.

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