CIDB Registration

Please note that we are not a division of CIDB. Facilitation fees apply.

At BN Solutions we are able to assist you through the CIDB Registration Process from Grade 1-9, and we assist with upgrades as well.
Unfortunately the status of your application cannot be monitored by us, this can solely be monitored online by going onto the CIDB website.

The CIDB is a Built Environment Body that was established by Act of Parliament (Act 38 of 2000) to promote a regulatory and developmental framework. A CIDB grade is determined by the contractor’s financial capability and your works capability. This enables the Public Sector, Private Sector and the Public in general to access a contractor’s ability to undertake a respective project.


  • When your company has been registered, and graded by the CIDB, it qualifies to start doing contract work and apply for tenders.
  • Registered companies can also use the I-Tender service for FREE. The I-Tender service automatically alerts registered contractors of database-listing tender opportunities by email and SMS. Tenders are also displayed on the “CIDB Register of Projects / Tenders Page”.

Other Advantages Include:

Subcontract Opportunities - A contractor may approach established contractors with a grading higher than it is registered for and build a subcontract relationship for current and future projects. This will require an understanding of the main contractor’s objectives and at times, the availability of work. This option is beneficial as the main contractor tenders for work and there is no pressure for the subcontractor to tender as they may be a first-choice subcontractor.

Joint Venture Opportunities - Joint Venture opportunities are such that upon successful completion, the contractors involved may re-access their financial capability and your works capability and therefore approach their CIDB offices for Grading Designation Application.

Tender for Projects - This is the most common method as it is pinned on the sole contractor’s ability. Tendering requires an astute understanding of Construction Trends and Pricing Trends for any given time in the Construction cycle.

Pricing: R 2,500.00(ex.vat). Turn-around time from 3 days


Please note that we are not a division of CIDB. Facilitation fees apply.

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